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The secret of happiness and life is revealed in this film..

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This is all you really need to know… a film Donny made of Terry over a year of Fridays. All the life lessons are here.

“T. Martin lived a life deserving of honor. From an early age he realized what he was gifted with and kept things simple. His focused perspective on what really mattered never changed as his impact on this world and in our hearts and lives was felt beyond measure of the some 80,000 surfboards he is said to have made.
I was honored to know Terry well and gained so much from his companionship, inspiration, tutelage and now continue to draw from the legacy that he created. God was the main ingredient in his life and he followed his ways and served Him with out abandon. At age 74, after passing away from a struggle with cancer, he did not lose his soul in the process…

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A really informative video on Donny’s boards..loving your shop’s core values in helping local shaping talent. Jeff

Hobie Surf Shop l BLOG

Every Wednesday night we highlight a Hobie Surf Shop team member and show you their must haves of the moment! Tonight, Andy from Hobie San Clemente (Our Hobie Shops board guru!) teaches us about the asymmetrical offerings of Donny Brink! Enjoy!!

-Tracey Engelking

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 This is Sam’s Hobie 6ft Retro Egg shaped by the late Mark Neville .

A tail/rail ding that has de-laminated the glass due to water ingress.

After surgery and a power mop/polish to the whole board.

A great board so versatile, why ride a thruster?

Caring surfboard SUP repairs


Jeff  The Ding Man surfboard repair