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The usual wear and tear.

After removal of all damage and fill n go plod,

I rebuilt the tail pod correctly using

carbon fiber instead of glass fiber.

Carbon fiber reinforcement of the surfboard tail area.

A starboard carbon downwinder in for repair.

It was temporarily fixed with a solar cured resin.

Not the best adhesion.

After repairing with carbon fiber and recreating the original finish.

Ready for this winters Downwind sessions.


SUP repair UK Bournemouth 404

Nick’s 404 race sup

In for minor dings a freshen up and then I said

“how about a carbon fibre nose whilst I’m at it  – oh and I’ll remove the deck traction”

The nose was in need of my surgery skills and the carbon makes it look very classy & strong.

After removing the sup traction deck pad I reinforced the stringer standing zone with more carbon fibre.

I’ll never agree to remove deck grip again from a SUP – if any of you readers have tried you will understand 🙂



Caring SUP & SURFBOARD repairs in Bournemouth UK 

by jeff the ding man

Sex Wax removed from a customers 9FT 2 LONGBOARD surfboard

415 Grams!

Guess his board will paddle quicker now.

Jeff the ding man surfboard repairs Uk Bmth

Autumn has fully arrived, its raining so relax and  watch a surf movie 🙂

DING MAN surfboard repairs UK BOURNEMOUTH

Mike’s Beach Beat surfboard.

This was how I got the board Mike mentioned that the fin plugs had been previously repaired and were loose.

I could pull them straight out? Note the lack of resin on each FCS X-2 fin plug.

I rebuilt the laminate over the fin plug site / tinted black resin.

All ready for fishy fun.

Nice board

(Note its wet from having repair dust washed off.)

Its a nice performance small wave fish and  in great shape –


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Not the best photo granted – rail crack on a surftech Joel Tudor Longboard

which got dropped on the rocks at a local reef break

During repair – all damaged removed and rebuilt correctly.

Paint and clear coat.

Cleaned and ready to hang ten.

Enjoy Simon.


Mark’s Fish surfboard.

TELL TALE SIGNS of surfboard deck delam

are cracked glass and the stringer/foam stained by sea water.

INITIAL repair preparation revealed:

Note the three rust stains in the foam,

looks as if a previous owner to Mark had attempted

to start a repair, it will soon be repaired correctly using quality materials.

“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”





“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”


A Starboard Big Easy 12ft SUP

So many small dings to repair as it works hard for a living…

this SUP teaches newbies to sup via

The SUP Store

Cheers Nick 🙂

Recommissioned for future teaching on The South Coast.

SUP REPAIR by The Ding Man

Matt’s Circle One SUP

in for a ding which cracked the rail in two places.

Notice the long split on the apex of the rail.

Repaired with epoxy and glass then a painted Billabong logo.

Enjoy your stand up paddleboard Matt.

DING MAN surfboard SUP repairs in Bournemouth Dorset UK