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A Cortez epoxy surfboard

in need of a new fcs fin plug.


All sorted with new side fins.

today jenny 010


Quality surfboard repairs in




fcs Quad fin plug repair Surfboard UK Bournemouth

 FCS fins that took a beating to the trailing edge.

during repair…

After plastic surgery 🙂


Enjoy Marco 🙂

Caring surfboard SUP repairs by Jeff the DING MAN

quad fin or 5 fin surfboard

Measure twice cut once.



With surfboard fins fcs fins / plugs you can tune up any surfboard.

“Caring repairs / modifications by Jeff The Ding Man”

surfboard repair uk Bournemouth

Now if you are going to knock your fin out, do it like this –

not to much damage to deal with.

All sorted & shiny

(not the oversized hole this removes damage keeps the repair tidy)

Caring FCS fin plug installs Surfboard & SUP in Bournemouth UK

Enjoy Henry 🙂

Rich’s other board

beach beat surfboard swallow tail.

Damage shot with initial fill

Measurements taken..

…ready to fly

I enjoyed giving this board a new lease of life

after filling,glassing,cutting for fcs fin plugs,

installing plugs,hotcoating,sanding and colour work.

Surfboard DING repairs in Bournemouth

Jeff aka The Ding Man

Andrew’s Al Merrick FCS fins impacted upon

one of Kimmeridge’s Jurassic reefs.

The damage shot..

note trailing edge flattened & rear tab has

stress lines visable – due to tab being bent out of alignment

resulting in a broken FCS plug.

During surgery…


Both side fins re profiled together to ensure

symmetry & tab trued to maintain alignment.


A Cortez epoxy surfboard

The before shot


  fin plug has been routered out which revealed a wet eps core locally to the plug..

the core was dried and the repair completed.

FCS plug installed and faired flush using Resin Research

Epoxy from Seabase .

Enjoy Paul & family.


Epoxy surfboard ding repair in Bournemouth

The before shot!


damage routered out

repaired and  cut fcs plug holes

with correct H pattern cut as per FCS

guidelines..after glass and plug installation.

This Alder Cortez is now ready to surf with its

original fin angles matched exactly to give balanced turning

characteristics – from your forehand to your backhand.

Jeff the ding man

surfboard repairs in bmth  poole UK

 Bunty surfboard

The fin took a big hit resulting in both fin plugs shattering.

  new fcs plugs installed & awaiting further prep,

&   extra resin work done to fair repair to its surroundings.

Smooooth repair..