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Lend a paddle to one of your friends and oops snapped in two!


After cutting down the main shaft to remove any signs of damage,

I turned my attention to the bamboo paddle.


The damaged carbon shaft was carefully removed

and re bonded to the newly cut shaft.


The result a slightly shorter SUP paddle though as it’s adjustable it’s still very functional,

and lighter… a bonus for those long distance ocean sweeping sessions ūüėČ

Enjoy Reuben.

Jeff the ding man

Ian’s kiteboard with a full width crease /split.


After multiple layers of glass – fared to maintain flex.


Awaiting south westerly’s.

Jeff The Ding Man

A 5’10” Al0ha Magic Mushroom epoxy surfboard

Tail damage the result of being dropped.

After my repair work.

Also one of the FCS G5 fins required repair.



The initial damage is still¬†visible¬†just –

 performance and flex will not be effected,

due to my considered glass lay up and epoxy penetration.

Enjoy Patrick ūüôā

Caring surfboard SUP repair UK Bournemouth

Not the best photo granted – rail crack on a surftech Joel Tudor Longboard

which got dropped on the rocks at a local reef break

During repair – all damaged removed and rebuilt correctly.

Paint and clear coat.

Cleaned and ready to hang ten.

Enjoy Simon.