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Lost surfboard

Serviced all the little dings on Deanos Lost Rocket surfboard.


thurs 007


friday thx 002

A deck crease – very important to fix as left alone this could lead to a snapped board.

thurs 005

AFTER  re strengthening with glass and blending in.

friday thx 004

Leash plug was cracked around its circumference – now repaired.

If your lease plug fails you’ve LOST your surfboard đŸ˜‰

friday thx 001

friday thx 003

Enjoy Deano

Quality surfboard repairs in BMTH Bournemouth 

By Jeff The Ding Man

A family owned business with old fashioned values.

Rory’s Adams TONKA surfboard

ffffriday 005

poor photo I know – repairing a FCS FIN PLUG

ssssat 001

Result, now to fix the multiple dings up nose.

ssssat 004

I used a white tint to the resin to hide the four dings that needed routering clean – filling and then a layer of glass over the whole nose area wrapped around the rails.This glass panel was required as the nose had stress cracks all over it – notice Rory I squared of the Nose tip to remove damage and now it has a safer profile.

ssssat 005

ssssat 006

Caring surfboard repairs by

Jeff the Ding Man

Bonzer fin pics

Handcrafted bonzer side fins,  featuring marquetry using maple,beech and walnut.

Bonzer styled fins for a paipo project.


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