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 Asked to repair the center section of a #hydrofoil for a

Moth (dinghy)


Skills with #carbonfiber, #carbonfibre 🙂


#mothdinghy, #hydrofoil

though “surfers” would do this with the hydrofoil 😉

DING MAN surfboard repairs in 

Bournemouth Dorset UK

Rusty Dwart surfboard after intensive surfgery.

mon 002

mon 003

This link will show the rebuild

Rusty dwart rebuild

Caring surfboard SUP ding repairs in Bournemouth Uk


jeff the ding man

Matthew’s 7’11” Starboard SUP

This board was bought second hand by Matthew and he was concerned

over previous repair work – this lump of “plod” wasn’t watertight as it didn’t

flex in unison which the rest of the board – which results in stress cracks and

water inside the core. This SUP took ten days to dry out before rebuilding!

The whole board was refreshed, both rails repaired were needed and paint work

blended in – ready for French Atlantic Surf.

Enjoy Matt 🙂

SUP surfboard repair UK



During repair using carbon fibre  –

note the yellow and white tinted epoxy

used to knock back the contrast of the

blak carbon when final finishing for paint.

Color matched and ready for the ocean.

“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”

Please feel free to contact me for advice or free consultation for any board damage

jeff@southcoastcustomsurfboards.com /jeffthedingman@yahoo.co.uk/ www.facebook.com/jeffthedingman.

Owen’s race paddleboard with rail dings –
this resulted in compressing of the eps core by continual knee bashing.

Repaired with carbon fibre

Ready to race.

Owen is a member of

Branksome Chine Surf Lifesaving Club. Lifesaving since 1990.


Caring paddleboard SUP surfboard Kiteboard repairs in Bournemouth Poole
Dorset UK