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Restoration quality surfboard repairs

resin pigment 

gloss n polish.


Enjoy Matt.

Ever got a ding in your #epoxysurfboard ?

When customers say  they  have an epoxy surfboard what they really mean is an epoxy laminated glass fiber over an eps core.

The #EPS core is commonly found in todays  SUPs, windsurfs, and increasingly in surfboards and requires immediate removal from water once punctured / dinged.


Notice the bubbles!

The above #fishsurfboard was thoroughly dried out over several days before any repair work can commence –

James the owner of the above surfboards commented that the fish felt lighter once repaired by myself, praise indeed.

Caring surfboard repairs by 

Jeff the Ding Man.

A small ding on a lovely rusty occy .

Correctly rebuilt and glassed .

Caring surfboard repairs by jeff the ding man Bmth.

Pat’s fish in for a replacement Futures fin box.



ps the fish was made by these guys in Spain


Another tail ding 😉


Thanks again for the structural repair on my board today Jeff. Perfect job. Looks as though it was never damaged in the first place . Gaz

A Fanatic SUP requiring some maintenance to the nose and underside.

All the damage was ground out and rebuilt with multiple layers of fiberglass.

Then fairing into the surroundings, filling and painting.

Enjoy Andrew.



SURFTECH nose reconstructive surgery



#surfboard #ding #bmth

A much loved DT Stephen Slater longboard in for corrective surgery.

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Old damage cut out, new foam added, resin tinted lamination to match the original construction.

Enjoy Ryan.

Quality surfboard repair by #jeffthdingman

5 year anniversary

I would like to say a “Big Thank you” to all my customers for their

support over the last 5 years,

especially to SORTED SURF SHOP 




surfboard repairs in Bournemouth BMTH

A common surfboard tail ding.

Instead of just fixing the corner, I prepared the whole tail for re glassing,

both top and bottom – this ensures a lasting repair.

2 x 4 oz Hexcel glass top & 1 x 4 oz bottom as the original construction &

fine finished to match the original surfaces.

As I was always taught

If your going to do a job – do it properly!