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Mike’s Beach Beat surfboard.

This was how I got the board Mike mentioned that the fin plugs had been previously repaired and were loose.

I could pull them straight out? Note the lack of resin on each FCS X-2 fin plug.

I rebuilt the laminate over the fin plug site / tinted black resin.

All ready for fishy fun.

Nice board

(Note its wet from having repair dust washed off.)

Its a nice performance small wave fish and  in great shape –


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Rich’s other board

beach beat surfboard swallow tail.

Damage shot with initial fill

Measurements taken..

…ready to fly

I enjoyed giving this board a new lease of life

after filling,glassing,cutting for fcs fin plugs,

installing plugs,hotcoating,sanding and colour work.

Surfboard DING repairs in Bournemouth

Jeff aka The Ding Man