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Before and after 🙂

This longboard tails was shot, fragile rotten foam with age old previous repair work.

Cut out the old, replace with new foam – shape and glass.

I gave this log more of a square tail as its a single fin with a little more tail rocker,

(all subtle) for increased turning and noserides.

ps I dig the patina on this log.



An Adams Lil Donkey that took a real beating.

Nose area rock impact….



After healing ointment applied.


Tail pad impact.



Time to rebuild and add fresh carbon.


Individual strands of carbon – STRONG.


Now the tail, split and twisted … alot of work.

WP_20150817_007 WP_20150817_009

Now realigned and glassed to last.

(Rik requested my logo to be glassed in).

WP_20150820_007 WP_20150820_008 WP_20150820_011

This is one Donkey that won’t be put out to pasture.


Nice #posca artwork by its owner.

Enjoy France Rik 🙂




 surfboard repair bournemouth

Sweet ride




surfboard repair bournemouth

surfing and art



Surfboard repairs Bmth Bournemouth by

Jeff The Ding Man

Quick turnaround surfboard repairs for a local professional surfer

Gordon Fontaine,

 all ready for theBOARDMASTERS CONTEST 2013.


This board required the nose tip and top area rebuilding.


I added a layer of 4oz over the whole area to maintain it’s strength.


This board was breaking down over the fin plug area –

very common if you can boost and land airs.

Rebuilt with layers of glass to local reinforcement.


All faired into the tail and tail pad re stuck.


Note these particular are of PRO weight glassing hence the trade off of performance vs durability.

If you want to fly go light 🙂



SUP repairs by Jeff The Ding Man

This BIC JUNGLE SUP should really stand out from the crowd.

This Al Merrick surfboard required it’s center FCS X2 fin plugs to be replaced, due in part to a Mentawai Reef 🙂 whilst I had this surfboard my  customer asked for this custom paint work akin to John John Florence’s surfboards.


Nude surfboard.

A Channel Islands Kelly Slater Semi Pro 12




After a roll of masking tape three colours and loads of  prep etc this is the result.


Cheers James for letting me get all arty.

Quality surfboards repairs and CUSTOM BOARDS SPRAYS



Perky and Pinky


The FCUK shop decor board now is ready for a surf.

How many holes to repair…holes re cut and plugged with foam from a off cut blank,

Pink tinted resin for the repairs and the FCS style fin plugs.

New leash plug install.

Flexible nylon surfboard fins used for safety as this board is destined to be a little girls first surfboard.

I added some extra detail to the fins to make them themed to this board,

much nicer than the raw black they were originally.

Caring surfboard SUP repairs Bournemouth Dorset UK

ding man surfboard repair

surfboard design

Saw this on youtube and had to post it….blimey it looks fantastic, to me it resembles a Manta Ray.

Surfboard repairs in Bournemouth Dorset UK South Coast