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surfboard repair uk

Rich’s Adams surfboard longboard in for some minor work.

The front nose rail was cracked.

After rebuilt / colour & glassed.

A puncture to the top deck nose area.

After damge cut out – foam plug installed / glassed.

Enjoy Rich 😉

Caring surfboard longboard repairs Bournemouth Dorset UK


Jeff The Ding Man

An Adam’s swallow tail surfboard in for repair.


notice the glass has split.

After multiple layers of 6oz glass.

Enjoy your Board Phil.

surfboard repairs BMTH UK

Ben’s Adams Fish Surfboard in for new FCS fin plugs.

Shots taken after repairs.

The deck over the new plugs was reinforced with an extra layer of 6oz glass.

Fcs fin plugs installed and fin ding repaired from the initial impact.

All measurements to within a gnat’s cock,

(Classic English engineering term).

Caring surfboard repairs by The Ding Man

Bournemouth Dorset uk.

Ben’s Adams Retro Fish surfboard in for replacement of

two FCS fin plugs and multiple small dings.

A close up of the removed fin plug holes,

the fish was left to bask in the sun to dry out any moisture from its core.

quality surfboard ding repairs FCS fin plugs in 

Bournemouth by Jeff The Ding Man