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Styling in the cold.

Oli styling at Bournemouth Pier 2.2.12

Photo by


Ryan Lovelace – Intuition

forget the temps CHILL out & watch

Displacement Hull Surfboard

Repairs in Bournemouth Dorset UK


Sit back and relax with this one on full screen…it’ll enhance your mellow.

Trevor Gordon shot by Michael Kew somewhere around Santa Barbara and edited by Ryan Lovelace.
Music: Intuition by Feist

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Fresh water  river surfing.


Surfboard repairs in freezing Bournemouth Brrrr

RINCON Surfing Miki Dora 1966-69

RINCON Surfing Miki Dora 1966-69


Australian Jeff Rowley Paddles-in to Massive Jaws Peahi January 2012

Hangs upon nothing…16mm surf movie

A 16mm film by Jeremy Rumas called Hangs Upon Nothing which features some Bonzer surfing is currently in production.  You can watch the teaser trailer below…



Fearless surfer rides record wave – Yahoo! Eurosport UK.

Fearless surfer Garrett McNamara has smashed a world record by riding a 90ft wave off the coast of Portugal.

Always nice to see a photo of yourself surfing,

ahhh should of pulled my” Blue Steel pose

 re Zoolander 2001 😉

Bournemouth Pier ” A winters day”

cheers seb for the photo

ding man surfboard SUP repair

Boscombe reef in action

image from The Daily Echo

Recently found photos

These shots were taken of me when I was 20 my first proper longboard single fin,purchased second hand from Jon the Hairdresser and locally shaped by John Greene at Hot Rocks surf shop.

Named “the breakfast club special”

Previously to riding this board I had an 7ft tri fin egg (very fast) and a 9ft6 pop out (out of control on that one)

and  several body boards.

These shots were of an East swell wintertime Bournemouth Pier,

more photos of my other boards to follow..

Enjoy the Ocean 🙂

Surfing at Bournemouth Pier