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What else you gunna do surfers when there’s no surf…build sand castles all day 😉  ?


A lovely Carbon SUP from Starboard in for repair, named “The Point”

it measures 14’8″ x 2.75 & designed by Mark Raapshorst.

The damage shot.

After preparation and 2 x layers of carbon fibre.

More faring – then glass fibre & epoxy filler and paint blending.

Ready for open ocean swell 🙂

Enjoy Ryan.

A Mindless longboard skateboard in for repair.

The tail damage was caused by high speed impact with a concrete curb.

Birch ply resined on top and bottom.

After shaping and clear coat. Top.

& Bottom.

Enjoy McCauley 🙂

Sorry for the misspelling your name Macaulay 🙂

SUP starboard

SUP repairs in Bournemouth Dorset UK

One Starboard down winder stand up paddle board.

Bonzer power explained.

For more information click on this link,

Caring surfboard SUP kiteboard skimboard paipo paddleboard repairs

loving the colour…nice 2 sea the resin tint work in action 🙂

Here is the first part of a short video I made of my new board being shaped :-). I got to hang out with Tony in the shaping room while he shaped and glassed. I learnt so much and and am now addicted to the smell of resin hahaha, sooo good. It’s really cool to experience and be a part of board shaping. There are so many different components involved and so much precision – so many decisions to be made! We should never underestimate the amount of work that goes into every single one of our surfboards. Pura Vida Tony and thank youuuu! x

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Enjoy the sunshine and the ocean .


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nice bonzer

Life is back on balance ,I had a surf this morning –

just waist high onshore fun waves..I took out my 9ft longboard and had some fun.

The never ending rain in Dorset didn’t dampen my spirits, I’m feeling refreshed and happy:)

Why is it that when I’m getting changed out of my wetsuit  the local elderly ladies enjoy stopping and chatting to me?

Most ask how cold the sea is? & What a joke Boscombe REEF is!

All very amusing and light hearted.

Image from

Caring surfboard repairs in Bournemouth Boscombe Poole Dorset UK

Billabong RIO


Click on the above link for the BILLABONG RIO WEBCAST

If your’re at work watch this and mind surf, try to look productive to pass your time away till you can be reunited with the Ocean at the end of the day:)

Here it’s raining – it feels like everyday for the last month 😦

Please can I have some waves?

Caring surfboard SUP kneeboard kiteboard skimboard repairs in Bournemouth Dorset UK