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surfboard repairs

Found this on Facebook from The Real Byron Bay.

surfboard repairs Bournemouth

Love this movie I used to own it on VHS..

Would love to own it on DVD!

Longboarding Is Not A Crime. 

South Coast

I you like some of this?

but  get frustrated at this…

We all have to get along so smile

 and educate yourself on the drop in rule.

“Pier Pressure”

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Feel free to look at more unique artwork using this link,

He is Risen

Sunday Morning Paddle Out at Kings Head, HE IS RISEN!


Enjoy Easter Sunday 🙂

Follow this link for more info on the heat below,

If you DING your surfboard trying to ride like  Mick Fanning or Kelly Slater,

then I can fix it correctly and with care.

surf sup skim paipo paddle  rescue boards repaired in Bournemouth

 Hot cross buns?

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Critter Baugh 4’9″

Critter Baugh broke his Bill Johnson surfboard, making a then thruster into a new twin fin that works really well.

To me repairing surfboards is simply recycling, sometimes Surfboards are so DINGED up that offer up an opportunity to reshape the surfboard into something new. This youtube video from Critter Baugh in an inspiration to me – he thought outside the box and credit to him it works.

Caring surfboard repairs – modifications – FCS fin repairs in Bournemouth – By The Ding Man

A Rusty GTR 6’6″ in for some minor surgery,

all ready for some Bank Holiday surf.

Enjoy Charlotte 🙂

“Caring repairs by Jeff The Ding Man”