we all should do this..take the junk away from our oceanic playground.


I live near a small bay and at low tide at close inspection are all these amazing treasures, in the form of worn glass and if you are lucky porcelain. I don’t know how this stuff gets here, maybe as the bay is so deep once thing get washed in it can’t escape who knows I am just thankful. For years i was almost addicted it combing the beach as you didn’t know what sort of day it would be, some days it would just be a few pieces and then others 2 deep pockets full. The sand wears and grinds all the sharp edges off and softens the colours and  turns the porcelain a chalky white. Eventually you start to get selective about what you want, I loved the green glass, brown was very common and not very attractive, and blue was extremely rare and the clear glass if…

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